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Kigali National Museum of Rwanda – Rwanda History & Culture

The national museums of Rwanda hold Rwanda’s major historical heritage, established in September 1989. This National Museum of Rwanda is located in Huye town with so many past collections of East Africa with several art pieces. It’s interior is designed by an array of traditional art pieces emanating way back in the 19th century depicting the lifestyles of people in the pre-colonial Rwanda as well as the preceding development of Rwanda in the modern world.

The Nyanza Royal Palace

This museum is a former Royal palace which has been turned into a museum. The Nyanza Royal Palace existed in the 19th century under the leadership of King Yuhi V Musinga. In 1899, Nyanza was transformed into a royal state / center and lots of artistic, economic and intellectual activities were carried out from this place. At Rukari, you find the striking domed traditional construction of the Royal Palace. It presents historical facts of the ancient Kingdom.

Museum of Rwandan Ancient History

This museum is also located in Nyanza n Rukari next to the Nyanza Royal palace. The remains at this heritage depict the former reign of King Mutara III Rudahingwa’s kingdom. It presents the way of life of the people under this Kingdom. On Mwami hill, are the grave yards of King Mutara III Rudahingwa and his wife Queen Rosalie Gicanda. A visit to this site brings to light the lifestyles of this kingdom.

The Rwesoro Art Museum

The Rwesero Museum and The Museum of Rwandan Ancient History are related in a way that they both belonged to King Mutara III Rudahingwa. Initially the Rwesero museum had been established as a modern palace for King Mutara III Rudahingwa who died before occupying the place. It exists in fine modern architectural designs and decorations. It is about 2km away from the Nyanza town.

The Museum of Natural history

The museum of natural history is found in Kigali at the Nyarugenge residence. This was formed after Richard Kandt- the German scientist who first lived within the country. The site displays the works of this great scientist.

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