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Discounted Permits in Rwanda

Discounted Permits in Rwanda

Just four years after increasing gorilla permit price, Rwanda has positioned herself as an iconic and luxury gorilla trekking destination. However what is still unknown is that remarkable Rwanda also offers discounted gorilla permits. In May 2017, Rwanda Development Board announced a 100% increase in gorilla permits from $750 to $1500 for all categories of visitors, whether foreign resident, foreign non-resident or Citizens are required to pay the same amount. This made the adventure more costly and a way of branding herself as a luxury tourist destination but discounted permits were also announced

Conditions of benefiting from the discounted permits in Rwanda
For anyone to be eligible for the discounted permits in Rwanda some conditions have to be fulfilled and these include;
• A 30% discount is offered to any visitor that spends/books extra 3 days to visit the country’s two popular National Parks as an add-on to gorilla Trekking in Volcanoes National Park-the savannah Akagera National Park within eastern border of the country for the big five animals, antelope species, Masai giraffes and over 500 species of birds. The three additional days should including Nyungwe Forest National Park as well for chimpanzee trekking and canopy walks among others. Therefore visitors that fall under this category will pay only $1050 per person per trek.
• Visitors to Rwanda for conferences and meetings but planning to trek mountain gorillas in the pre or post event dates are eligible to a 15% discount. Trekkers under this category buy gorilla permits at $1275 per person per trek.
• An exclusive package for private gorilla trekking for visitors who intend to book the entire gorilla group is at $15,000 and this comes an exclusive personalized tour guide service.
• There is also a “behind the scenes” package for a minimum of 3 trekkers visiting a gorilla family/families for 3 consecutive days at only $30,000.
• Visitors interested in professional gorilla filming and photography (for documentaries or wildlife films) are required to pay only $5000 for allotted 3 consecutive days for photography while an entire filming crew of not more than 8 persons should part with $12,000.

How to book for the Discounted Gorilla Permits in Rwanda
Rwanda Development Board is the official Issuing Authority of gorilla permits, including the discounted ones. However, travel agencies in Uganda or Rwanda are also authorized to issue permits on behalf of RDB.
Booking for the discounted gorilla permits directly from Rwanda Development Board is possible but comes with more bureaucracy which you can avoid by booking indirectly through credible tour operators/Travel agencies. All you need is to provide your passport details as well as fulfill the mentioned conditions (Terms and Conditions)-spending extra three days to explore other National Parks and visiting Volcanoes on top of your conference/meeting in the country.
Uganda, another excellent Gorilla Trekking destination also currently offers discounted gorilla and chimpanzee permits until 30th June 2021. This is done as one of the recovery programs from effects of Covid-19 and also includes discounts for Park entrance fees for some savannah destinations.
• 50% discounts were offered on Park entrance fees for Murchison falls, Semliki, Kidepo Valley, Queen Elizabeth and Lake Mburo National Parks as well as Toro-Semliki, Pian Upe, Katonga and Kabwoya Wildlife Reserves.
• Foreign non-residents pay $400, foreign residents $300 while East African Community visitors still pay Shs 150,000 for gorilla permits.
• Chimpanzee trekking permits were also discounted to $150 for foreign non-residents, $100 for foreign residents and Shs 100,000 for East African Community visitors.
• Birding fees for Kibale Forest, Bwindi Impenetrable, Semliki, Mgahinga, Mount Elgon and Rwenzori Mountains National Parks are also provided at 50% discount.

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