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Gisozi Genocide Memorial Site – Trek Rwanda Gorillas

Kigali Genocide Memorial site is found in Gasabo province also named as the Gisozi genocide memorial site. It was formed by joined efforts of the Rwandan government under the Kigai City Council and a United Kingdom based company Aegis Trust with an aim of fighting the continued occurrence of such outbreaks in the world. It therefore acts as an education center for people around the world. This center is a frequently visited site due to its strategic location within the busy capital city of Rwanda.

At this site, the treated remains of over 280,000 people have been collected together with their treated objects like clothes, bones, and weapons connecting to the 1994 Rwanda genocide have been buried and displayed at this cemetery. Among the collected items at this site are; the oral testimonies collected from different Kigali city quarters, documents, publications, human bones and skulls that have been treated for conservation and weapons used during the genocide like machetes, clubs, swords, etc. Kigali Genocide Memorial also contains objects like rosaries, photographs, identity cards, shoes, clothes and pipes abandoned by victims.

The Gisozi / Kigali genocide memorial site was opened in 2004 following the commemoration of the 1994 Rwanda genocide victims. It has three major sections that is The Genocide Archive of Rwanda (consisting of a library and all the historical facts and documentations of the genocide), the children’s education center (educating people around the world on the effect of the genocide), and eventually the memorial gardens (where you find the mass graves of the remains of the genocide victims).

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