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Rwanda Culture, People & Traditions

Rwanda has a vast number of cultural and traditions practices and beliefs due to the existence of several tribes in the country such as the Hutu, Tutsi, Twa, people. On your visit to Rwanda, dont miss out touring the Ibyiwacu cultural village situated in Musanze province – Volcanoes national park. Here you will learn first hard about the different existing tribes of Rwanda through local music, dance and drama, poetry, legends/ folktales, pottery and many other cultural displays. In this phenomenon, visitors get to learn about the dressing code used, cooking methods and main meals, hunting skills, etc. and the way of living in their homesteads.

Traditional Hand Crafts Making

African crafts can best be seen and viewed from the various existing market places, craft villages, craft shops, and several art galleries within Kigali mostly and different hotels in the different national parks. These creative pieces are usually from ceramics, basketry, wood carvings and paintings.
There are various crafts centers from which the Rwandan traditional handicrafts can be viewed or obtained as soulverniors and these include the Gahaya – Agaseke basket weaving site, Nyakarambi – Imigongo (cow dung paintings) site, CAPLAKI Craft Village, Ivuka Arts, Inganzo Gallery, African Gift Corner, Ishyo Cultural Centre, ATRAC Craft Village and Uburanga Art Studio etc. When visiting these sites, its best to move with changed dollars to make your purchasing process easy and by buying these products, you are promoting and conserving the tourism industry as people are shunned away from activities that hinder the ecosystems like poaching.

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