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Minimum Age for Gorilla Trekking Rwanda | Who can’t Go & Why

Although a well prepared teenager below 15 years can track gorillas, Minimum Age for Gorilla trekking Rwanda is restricted to those who are 15 years of age and above depending on various factors.This age limit to track gorillas in Rwanda was set by the Rwanda Development Board, a ministry that is in charge of wildlife of the country.

This same rule applies to its neighbouring countries who offer gorilla adventurous activities that’s Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo.

However, there is no strict maximum age limit for gorilla trekking. Generally it just requires a reasonable level of fitness and a good health as it involves navigating through different terrains for a couple of time.

Minimum Age for Gorilla Trekking Rwanda

why are children below 15 years of age, not allowed to go gorilla trekking Rwanda?

Gorilla trekking adventurous activity is set at the age of 15 because of a number of important reasons and some of the major reasons include;

Young travelers below 15 are considered to be children who might find it difficult to comply with the rules and regulations governing gorilla trekking.

While in the presence of gorillas,it requires a calm and quiet environment so that you don’t withdraw their attention to you which might not be safe. Children might find it very difficult to keep calm or stay quiet while in the gorilla habitats. They wont understand the importance of not making sudden movement which is very crucial for their safety in presence of these primate species.

Children’s behaviors are very unpredictable. Even after a lengthy briefing on how they should conduct themselves when they have encountered a mountain gorilla. They might still run or scream while a mighty gorilla for example like a silverback has tried approached them.

Which is very unsafe as these animals perceive our body languages in a very different way. They might perceive the reactions of the kids very negatively and it causes harm to them.

And another thing is that gorillas are very susceptible to human diseases as they are closely related to humans. Children are prone to communicable diseases such as flu and chicken pox which can easily be transmitted to these endangered species.

And also, they might find it difficult to fully understand and comply with the hygiene guidelines governing the activity hence increasing the chances of transmitting diseases to gorillas.

Children are not physically ready for the activity as it requires a reasonable level of fitness because it involves navigating through different rugged terrains for a couple of hours. Children may find these conditions very difficult and exhausting.

Gorilla trekking is more of like a educational tour packages as it offers deep insights into the lives of mountain gorillas and their conservation efforts. Older travelers are better equipped to understand, learn and appreciate from this experience and respect wildlife conservation.

In conclusion,the Rwanda Development Board set this age limit basing on it’s extensive experience and research to ensure both the well being of mountain gorillas and safety of visitors to this destination.

What to do if  your child is below Minimum age for gorilla trekking Rwanda but you would wish to participate in the activity?

Well, you can still carry your children along with you to a wildlife safari as there is a lot of other interesting adventurous activities that will keep them active  as you are away for gorilla trekking. Some of these activities may include birding, golden monkey tracking, game drives, boat cruising,nature walks, community visits, among others which you can decide to do before or after the gorilla trekking adventure.

As you are away for gorilla trekking, you can live them at the hotel as most of them offer baby sitters, professionals in taking care of kids as they are keeping them engaged with playing games,watching children movies suiting their age, swimming, among others. This will ensure that they don’t have a boring day in your absence.

But if you see the kids very interested and passionate about watching a gorilla and you wouldn’t want them to miss on the opportunity because they are under age, then you can decide to reschedule your trip and plan travelling when they meet all the necessary requirements.


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