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Best Time to Visit Rwanda Gorillas | Gorilla Trek 2024

Are you curious about the best time to visit Rwanda  gorillas for an exceptional gorilla trekking adventure?

The best time to visit Rwanda for gorilla trekking adventure is during the dry seasons, which range   from June to September and from December to February.

Best time to Visit Rwanda gorillas

However, It is important to note that Rwanda is open for a gorilla trekking adventurous activities all year round  because mountain gorillas can be tracked any time, a change in climate never affects their movements with in the habitats.

Although we are going to be discussing with you the pros and cons  that comes with visiting in a particular season, the best time to visit Rwanda gorillas will still depend on your preferences for weather, trail conditions and traffic.  

According to our experience the best time to track gorillas in Volcanoes is immediately after the rainy seasons when the grazing fields and forests are still covered in a fresh green vegetation and during the dry season when there is little or no rainfall at all.

But most times, the two seasons are very unpredictable as you will find it hard to know the ending and the beginning of another season but at the end of the day, all you need is to embark on a thrilling gorilla trekking experience no matter the travel season.

Understanding Rwanda’s Climate for a perfect gorilla trek

Rwanda, also refereed to as the “Land of a Thousand hills” is characterized with relatively stable temperatures  throughout the year because of it’s high altitudes featured with two wet seasons and two dry seasons, with the shortest dry season ranging from December to February, long dry seasons from June to September, short wet seasons from march to may and long wet seasons from October to November.

Best Time to visit Rwanda Gorillas

Best time for Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

Gorilla trekking during Dry seasons

June to September: peak seasons

The long dry season of Rwanda ranging from June to September is considered as one of the best time to visit Rwanda gorillas  in Volcanoes National Park for a perfect an unforgettable gorilla trekking experience.

This season is characterized with  a relatively dry climate which makes the gorilla trails very convenient for tracking as they are not muddy, flooded or slippery.

It also coincides with the peak travel season of Rwanda coming with tourist traffic at popular destinations like volcanoes national park therefore travelers are advised to book their gorilla trekking permits, accommodations and a car rental service in advance.

December to February;

The short dry seasons of Rwanda ranging from December to February, characterized with very little or no rainfall are another perfect time for a gorilla trekking experience in the volcanoes as the dry weather favors the hiking experience .

The gorilla trails are relatively dry making each region of the park very accessible. Short dry seasons also comes with very small traffic at the park compared to that of long dry season ensuring you availability of a gorilla permits, accommodation and a car rental service.

Gorilla Trekking during Wet seasons

March to May: Longest Wet Season

This season is characterized with very heavy rainfalls which make the gorilla trails inaccessible as they get flooded, muddy and slippery which makes them very challenging to hike.  

However, these seasons come with an excellent photo shoot for these primates as the rainforest is at its most lush, very vibrant offering a stunning backdrop for photography.

Additionally, mountain gorillas tend to keep at low altitudes during wet seasons  making tracking them much easier and faster. Another benefit is that permits ,lodges and car rentals are ever readily available  often at a discounted price.

October to November; short wet seasons

This season receives moderate rainfalls compared to the long wet season.  Although the gorilla trails can still be muddy and slippery, they are always manageable and forest remains at its most lush green, looking very beautiful for photography of these primate species.

It also comes with fewer traffic, better permit, lodge and car rental costs all offered at potential discounts.

Other factors to put into considerations

Vegetation and visibility; the dense of vegetation in the gorilla habitats varies according to seasons affecting visibility during gorilla tracking. Dry seasons are characterized with undergrowth, less dense vegetation providing trackers with better view  of gorilla as they are going on with their daily routines in their habitats.

While the wet seasons come with very dense lush vegetation which can abstract viewing but creating a more desirable picturesque setting.


Temperatures in volcanoes national park are relatively constant through out the year, with day time temperatures ranging from 10oC-180C. High altitudes are always very cool most especially in the morning and evening , therefore it is important that you dress on layers when going for a trek so that you can easily shed off or alternate them according to the temperature changes.

Crowds and Permit Availability

Peak travel seasons come with high demands from gorilla trekking permits  therefore to secure your permit during these seasons,  you are advised to book months in advance directly from the head offices of Rwanda Development Board or though a licensed tourist operator.

Travelling during the wet months  will not only offer you discounts on readily available gorilla permits, but also potential discounts on accommodations and car rental services.

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