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Top 9 Must-see Tourist Attractions in Rwanda 2024

Planning to visit Rwanda this holiday? Get ready for a memorable adventure! Discover top-rated tourist attractions in Rwanda that cater to all types of travelers.

Rwanda is an East African Country with a rich tapestry of wildlife, history, and culture suiting all travelers safari needs, taking you from its four national parks to forests, museums, serene lakes, vibrant cities among others. Here are some must-see destinations in Rwanda.

Top 9 Must-see Tourist Attractions in Rwanda

 Volcanoes National Park:

Volcanoes National park

The volcanoes National park is one of the iconic tourist attraction in Rwanda with hundreds of visitors flocking the country each year to encounter with the endangered mountain gorillas and wildlife.

The park is featured with 10 habituated gorilla families with each family tracked in a group of 8 individuals. Being a famous enjoyable activity by a lot of tourists, a Rwanda gorilla trekking permit costs USD 1500 per person restricted to only Adults above 15years of Age.

The fee paid for gorilla trekking is mostly used to fund projects in charge of conservancy of  the endangered mountain gorillas for future generations.

Akagera National Park:

Akagera National Park
Elephants in Akagera

Akagera National park is the only home of the Big Fives of Rwanda sighted during game drives and animal tracking. They include an African elephant, Buffalo, Rhino, Lion and Leopard. The park is also a habitat to a variety of other animal species for such as zebras, hyenas, bush kobs, antelopes, duikers, impala, oribi, giraffes, topis and so much more.

Primate species include golden monkeys, vervet monkeys, owl faced monkeys, grey-cheeked manga bey among others. The park is a birding destination for bird lovers with a variety of different bird species inclusive of water wading birds which are beautifully sighted during nature walks.

Nyungwe Forest National Park:

Nyungwe national park located in the southwestern regions of Rwanda has a diverse of primate species holding up to 13 different species of primates which mostly include the chimpanzees and golden monkeys.

It is the right destination for chimpanzees documented to hold approximately 500 individual chimpanzees sighted in the bamboo forests. The park is a good destination for nature walks featured with canopy covers and splendid views of chimpanzees and other primates, bird watching , butterfly views and different animal views.

Kigali Genocide Memorial center: 

Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre
Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre

located in the heart of Rwanda, Kigali, built to commemorate the 1994 massacre that took place in the country claiming lives of thousands, holding the remains of 250,000 victims.

Taking strolls in this haunting museum, you catch glimpses of paraded skulls and bones, photos and hear audios of victims crying, short videos about the event, artifacts and information elaborating about the genocide, offering you a very emotional but rewarding experience.

The main purpose of the center is to teach people and the upcoming generations about the horrors caused by genocides so that it wont ever happen again anywhere else in the world. Visiting the center before preceding to your adventure other tourist attractions in Rwanda, with in or outside Kigali is one way of showing respect to Rwanda’s culture and history.

The King’s Palace Museum:

The King’s Palace Museum
The King’s Palace Museum

This is  a beautiful grass thatched beehive shaped traditional hut found in southern regions in Nyanza town, built during the reign of King Rudahigwa Mutara III with support of the Belgium government.

It is featured with traditional artifacts of Rwanda though most of them were stolen during the genocide and the king and queen where also killed during this tragic event.

At the back of the hut, you will sight long horned cattle descending from the king’s herd. Keepers up to date, sing for them, carefully attend to them with respect to keep up with their transnational norms. There are usually cultural dances and performances at the museum making a very good tourist destination.

Visiting Tomb of Dian Fossey:

Dian fossey was a legendary primatologist who played a big in conservation of the endangered mountain gorillas by  protecting them from poaching and sensitizing people in close distance with them their importance to the Eco system .

She extensively researched and studied about them for 18years  with funding from National Geographic providing us will most of the facts that we know about them.

However she was mysteriously murdered by poachers who were hunting down gorillas in 1985 and buried in Virunga mountains next to the gorilla grave yard. Today, her graveyard is one of the famous tourist attractions in Rwanda for wildlife enthusiasts.


The Congo Nile Trail:

Cycling on the Congo Nile Trail
Bikers on the Congo Nile Trail

This trail is one of the best and the longest cycling trail in Africa covering a distance of 140miles located between Gisenyi and Rusizi districts of Rwanda taking 10days for one walking on foot to get over it and 5 days to cycle through it.

The trail is featured with stunning features such as the tea plantations, rolling hills, beautiful villages, lake kivu views and sightings of wildlife in Nyungwe National park the trail .

it is equipped with accommodations and camping sites well maintained and ready to offer tourists an amazing experience during the course of their cycling or walking adventures along it making it one of the best tourist attractions in Rwanda

Lake kivu:

This is the largest fresh water lake of Rwanda, one of the the greatest lakes of Africa. It is the major source of flesh fish  for the country characterized with crystal clear water , stunning views of botanical gardens, beaches and resorts and one of the major tourist attractions in Rwanda.

The lake is a perfect destination for water adventurous activities such as boat cruising, swimming, water rafting, kayaking, fishing, birding watching, sun bathing and nature walks.

Hiking Mount Karisimbi and Mount Bisoke

Mountain Karisimbi is one of the tallest mountains of Africa, rising up to 4,500m,located in volcanoes National Park of Rwanda and stretching up to Uganda Uganda and Democratic republic of Congo.

It only takes a hiker 2days to to get to its peak offering stunning scenery of Virunga ranges, forest canopies, Nyiragongo volcanoes. A tourist can combine gorilla trekking in the volcanoes with a mountain hiking Karisimbi for an adventurous safari in Rwanda.

Mount Bisoke is shorter than Mount Karisimbi making it very to hike taking one only one day to reach its peak, forth and back. At its top, you find a giant crater lake making it a perfect destination for cooling off after an hike, the mountain offers uninterrupted views of volcanoes national park and Virunga volcanoes.





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