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Rwanda Packing List 2024 | What you should Pack and Wear

Rwanda Packing list for a business or an adventorous safari will require an individual to carefully consider his/her travelling season, the activities on the itinerary and the cultural norms of the country. Below is a list of essential items to consider while planning for a trip to Rwanda;

Rwanda Packing List 2024 | What you should Pack and Wear

Rwanda Packing List

Clothes: In general, comfortable wear is recommended. Because of the tropical climatic conditions of Rwanda, you will need to dress-up in layers for-example with a light cloth underneath, then a fleece pullover or a jacket next and a scarf for chilly mornings.

This way, you will easily shed them off as it gets hotter in the day. Pack lightly, wash and wear casuals. You can include t shirts, shorts,  jeans and any comfortable cloth you feel like not forgetting sleep wear and swim suits.

For wildlife adventures, try to avoid very dark and very bright colors. Dark colors such as dark blue, purple or black attract wild insects like tse tse flies and very bright colors usually make the animals very curious drawing their attention to you which is not safe most especially from dangerous animals like lions and leopards. opt for neutral colors like gray, pitch, khaki, beige, navy blue or green, among others.

About moral dressing in Rwanda; People of Rwanda are very particular when it comes to moral values therefore your dressing code will have to change according to where you are visiting.

For community walks, visiting worshiping places or local markets, you will need to wear long sleeved skirts or dresses, anything not very tight and not very short, this way you would have respected their customs and values.

Foot wear: Your choice of shoes will matter according to the purpose of your trip.  Comfortable ankle touching, waterproofed jungle boots and hiking boots are an ideal choice for visiting the wild, game reserves of Rwanda.

These will help you maneuver over the rugged terrains of the jungle, carry simple sneakers for community walks and simple flip flops to move around the markets, malls and  in the hotel.

Sun protecting gear: Rwanda is very hot during the dry months of June to August and December to February, therefore we recommend that you pack moisturizing lip balms, sunscreen creams, UV sun glasses, a head cap or a hat for the best safari experience during dry seasons.

Travel documents: These should be prioritized more than anything else on your travel Rwanda packing list. They include passports, air-tickets, travel visas, travel insurance policies, yellow fever vaccination certificates and bank access documents.

Have both original and soft copies  so that you keep the originals in a safe place and move with the soft copies. Avoid putting the in one luggage as anything can happen and you lose them.

You can also include an emergency contact book, medical emergency evacuation papers, personal insurance documents and return tickets. Remember to  Keep some cash on you, both local and foreign currency for use in case you need to clear off some bills.

Gadgets: Recommended gadgets such as a good digital camera, a pair of binoculars, chargers, a portable smart phone, extra batteries, adapters and earphones or head phones are very important for example a smart phone will keep you in touch with your friends and family a good camera will help capture your eye catchy spots, wildlife photography, beautiful images for a memorable experience.

Traveling Bags: Apart from the main big bag you packed all your personal belongings, it is important you come with an extra bag like a arm bag or waist bag which can easily be accessed.

In this bag you keep your very important documents like cash, your credit cards, air tickets, visas, sanitizing towels, facials and so much more. An extra luggage bag is also needed to help you carry your safari gear to your adventurous zones, we recommend a back pack, waterproofed and strong.

Personal items: These might include hair and body oils, deodorants, perfumes, under wears, combs, facials, insect repellents, sanitized towels, etc. It is very important that you put them into considerations when working on your Rwanda packing list for example the body creams you use might not be found in the shopping malls of Rwanda and you might be allergic to the ones available.

Portable First Aid Kit and Medications:

Medications and First Aid: You might not know that you have serious allergies until when you change the environment, diet , come into close contact with the wildlife, among others.

Therefore it is very important to carry along an emergency medication kit inclusive of bacterial drugs, anti malaria treatments, anti-septic medications, allergy medications, pack prescribed medicines in-case you have an underlying medical condition with prescriptions as you might need an emergency attention.

Successful packing tip;

Before packing, it is important that you have list of all what you have to pack for your trip on a plain peace of paper, pack according to it, mark what is done so that you don’t miss out on very important items that you need to carry along with you to make your Rwanda safari very enjoyable as planned.

Pack lightly, pack what you can handle, very valuable items first, avoid carrying a lot of bags, some of them might get lost while in transit therefore consider packing in one luggage bag and a small back pack pack, arm bag or a waist bag for fast access.

For travelers planning to go on community tours, visiting schools, orphanages, hospitals and different charity centers, you might consider carrying some gifts for donations.

These can include toys, pencils, books, school bags, shoes, clothes , crayons and so much more to bring joy and hope with in the hearts of those who in need. Small things like such matter a lot in other people’s lives.

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