Trek Rwanda Gorillas | Rwanda Gorilla Permits Prices increased to USD1,500
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Rwanda Gorilla Permits Prices increased to USD1,500

Rwanda Gorilla Permits Prices increased to USD1,500

07:27 09 May in Rwanda

How Much does a Rwanda Permit cost?

Do you wish to see the rare mountain gorillas? Have you purchased your gorilla permit already? Around the world, gorilla trekking/tracking experiences in Rwanda have for long been regarded as “life changing” a reason why you must visit the country personally to discover the reality about the world’s fascinating mountain gorillas. Currently, there are less than 900 mountain gorillas that exist in the world; out of the 900 species, 480 of them are found in Uganda while the rest are shared between Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Rwanda on the other hand, is a home to 62% of the mountain gorillas that live in the Virunga Massif. Staring at a few of these magnificent primates in their wilderness is one thing that rewards the senses once in a life time. Think about the exciting and inspiring moments in a safari and never miss to include gorilla trekking in the list of experiences to encounter in East Africa. In Rwanda, gorilla trekking/tracking is done in the Volcanoes National Park and there are only 10 fully Habituated Gorilla Families for tourists to trek for the mountain gorillas. With only 1 hour of interaction with these spectacular primates in the world, one would never wish to miss out this fantastic moment in life!

More often, to achieve dreams with these inspiring primates, requires you to have a gorilla permit. Regard it a must to hold a gorilla permit if you are planning for gorilla safari in either Uganda or Rwanda because it is that permit to give you 98% chances to stare at these humble creatures in their natural habitat. Also bear in mind that different destinations with mountain gorillas have distinct gorilla permit tariffs for visitors to track the mountain gorillas. Endeavor to get a permit now and truly it won’t be something to regret about in life! Do not wait for the last minutes to get a permit because you might get disappointed when you miss out, a reason why we also encourage you to contact Maranatha Tours and Travel to help you book your gorilla permit in advance and things can be better for you. Take note of June, July, August, September, December, January and February because during these months it is a peak season and the fact is the demand for gorilla permits is really high in the travel market that is why you also are encouraged to find out more on the availability of gorilla permits before.

Currently, the gorilla permit tariffs in Rwanda have doubled the previous figure. Did you know about this? Your gorilla permit in Rwanda now costs USD 1500 per visitor per trek and this applies to all visitors who wish to go for gorilla trekking in this destination. These changes were passed on by the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) on 6th May 2017, where another new exclusive package was also introduced specifically for those visitors who would like to book an entire family of mountain gorillas at a cost of USD 15,000. Such visitors also get exclusive personalized tour guide services. According to RDB, the current changes won’t affect the tourists who bought tickets at the time the new tariffs were passed on.

Before, the gorilla permits in Rwanda were bought at USD 750 per person for non nationals, $375 for foreign residents and only Rwf 30,000 for Rwandan nationals. Out of the 10 Habituated Gorilla Families in Rwanda that are designated for tourism purposes, only 80 gorilla permits are available each day for tourists to trek the mountain gorillas and only 8 visitors are allowed to track a single gorilla group per day.

Further more, if you feel like visiting other parks like Nyungwe and Akagera National Park for a minimum period of 3 days on top of gorilla tracking, you get 30% discount and if you come as a conference visitor and then you decide to stay before or after the conference dates with an intention to go for gorilla trekking, you also get 15% discount. According to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of RDB, the increase in the cost of gorilla permits is intended to strengthen the conservation efforts and contribute more on to the development of adjacent local communities in the Volcanoes National Park. As far as the new gorilla tariffs are concerned, the tourism revenue sharing rate increased from 5%-10% for local communities adjacent to the park, something that will lead to an increase in the revenues received by local communities. In the previous 12 years, through revenue sharing, over 400 community projects are said to be successfully complete including the schools, hospitals, business development centers and water supply systems to aid on easy access to clean water for residents in the given communities.

In conclusion, gorilla permit is an important tool that is required of any visitor who has intends to go for gorilla trekking in Rwanda. The current tariffs for gorilla permits however are intended to boost on conservation and protection measures for the critically endangered mountain gorillas. These measures will ensure stability of gorilla habitat hence providing an ideal ground for the gorillas to live in and multiply in numbers and later visitor experiences are improved. However, you can still enjoy gorilla experiences in Habituated Gorilla Families in Uganda at a cost of $600. Enjoy your stay in Rwanda, East Africa.

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